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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am delighted to announce that Ultimate Doctor Who has reached 100 posts, since opening back In January.

UDW opened on December 30th 2008, as I felt a fresh start would be good for the New Year.

I had previously owned a different blog called Tardis Updated, which also managed to reach 100 posts but it closed down as the site wasn't doing very well.

Since the opening, this site has had Three Separate layouts. The First one was popular to viewers but I thought it was too dark so I made a new one which had a much brighter layout and I introduced a new font to the site, Assiduous. I wanted a more professional look, so I switched to the current template, which I am very happy with. The site has closed down temporarily twice in the past, but as of today is still running!

I have created a wallpaper exclusive to UDW that anyone can use to put on their Desktop. To view it click here.

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