New Classic Figures

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oooh, How Exclusive...

Forbidden Planet will be releasing exclusive to the store action figures from the Classic Series. They Include, The First Doctor, The Second Doctor, The Third Doctor, a Dalek, and A Cyberman. They will also be released as collectables in Black and White and are set to be available on July 27th. For more information and prices please click here. Remember these will only be available in Forbidden Planet, in July, which is quite far away, but you can pre-order them in the already provided link.


Man of Gallifrey - Episode 2

Run-Run-Runaway Train!

The Second episode of our exclusive series, Man of Gallifrey is now available to read. It's called The Runaway Train and features the Tenth Doctor and Jessie trying to stop the train from going so fast that it could kill all the passengers. Also In the episode, Jessie finds out something about her past, that is not very pleasant. You can view episode 2, The Runaway Train here.


'K-9' Coming Soon

Who's a good dog?

K9 is a new Australian spin-off to Doctor Who and I suppose to The Sarah Jane Adventures too, that features our favourite Robot Dog!. The show is created by Paul Tams and Bob Baker. There will be 13 blocks, comprising of two half hour episodes each.

Principal Photography is set to end on May 7th.

"We first planned and created the show back in 1998, so it has taken 11 years to get to the production stage. It has been a long and rocky road and we are working with some very talented people here: actors, artists, sculptors, costume-makers. The schedule is very hectic and full on."

K9 is expected to begin later this year.


David Tennant - Comic Relief Promos

Friday, January 30, 2009

Who's Nosing Around?

Promotional Pictures for this year's Comic Relief have been released. They show David Tennant, who is a co-host for the first hour, wearing Red Noses and doing some poses.
The Comic Relief 2009 show will air on March 13th. Below is my favourite picture out of the Eleven that have been released which you can view here. Credit to for the promos.


Review - Journal of Impossible Things

The Journal of Impossible Things is a very detailed approach to the actual one that featured in the Human Nature/Family of Blood 2 - parter. It features 78 pages, in which 21 of them are blank so you can write anything you like on it. It features the pages that you've seen in the episode, and I think it even features a bit more that were added in to make it longer. You can view some of the pictures put together below. It includes Pictures of The Cybermen, The Slitheen, Daleks, Rose, All Ten Doctors and many many more! The only thing, that did dissapoint me though, is that you simply can't read the writing! But it does make it look good and sort of old fashioned though. The Journal of Impossible Things set comes with a mini-sonic screwdriver which I did actually like, even though I have the normal one and the future one, but it's still good and much more compact, but that doesn't mean It's better than the normal ones! It has a blue LED light and it's a pen too, It's much more easier to write with this one, rather than the bigger one. I think this Journal of Impossible Things and Mini-Sonic Screwdriver set deserves an 8/10, and it's a great buy! You can buy it in Argos now at the price of £9.79 and other stores like Forbidden Planet.

Some of the Pictures included in the book.


Planet of The Dead Monster Revealed

At Last!

The monster for the upcoming special, Planet of The Dead has been revealed. The monster is called 'The Tritovore' which is apparently supposed to be really really scary! Here is an extract from the article at the Mirror Website:
"Everyone remembers the Daleks and the Cyberman, but not a lot else if they're honest.
"The Tritovore will change that. They are disgusting and will last long in the memory."
What really gets me though is the fact that Russell T. Davies, the show's head writer said that he is going to use the creatures in three other special shows.
How Exciting! You can read the full article here. No pictures have been released but they will be up as soon as they come out!


David Tennant - Comic Relief

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get Your Red Noses On!

David Tennant who plays the Tenth incarnation of the Doctor will co-host this years Comic Relief on March 13th. He Will co-host the first hour alongside Davina McCall who is known for presenting the popular show, Big Brother. Here is an extract from the artice:
“It’s a great honour for me. I remember the first Red Nose Day when I was at school, buying the t-shirt and everyone joining in, And then, later, at drama school, me and my mate Alan McCue formed a Proclaimers tribute act and went busking in Sauchiehall Street. We were rubbish, but earned £65 in our lunch hour. The people of Glasgow are very generous.”
Other Presenters include Fearne Cotton, Denise Van Outen, Alesha Dixon, Cheryl Cole, Kimberly Walsh, Ben Shephard, Chris Moyles, Ronan Keating and Gary Barlow.


Double Decker Chaos!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Decker Wrecker!

Doctor Who bosses hired two £20,000 Double-Deckers for the upcoming special, Planet of The Dead. One of them was part of filming in Cardiff, while the other was being shipped off to Dubai. But some stupid, idiotic Crane Operator managed to “total” the second 1980 Bristol VR model while unloading it in Dubai docks. Apparently Russell T. Davies "Exploded" when he heard there would be no replacement. He is currently re-writing a new plotline which means Planet of The Dead will definetly be delayed.
You can see the full article here.


David Tennant Wins another Award

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Awards! Awards! Awards!

David Tennant has won yet another award, but this time it's for acting on stage rather than playing The Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. He was the joint winner of the best Shakespearean performance gong at the Critics' Circle Theatre Awards in London. He won the award for his role in Hamlet.

All I can say is... Well Done Doctor!


Quick Update!

Just another Quickie from the Owner and Editor.

Quote of The Day has been moved to the sidebar, as a couple of other sites are doing the same thing and, well, it makes my site look like just another one of those fan-sites, well that's not what I want people to think of my site. I want people to think of my site as rather unique so thats why these changes are happening, just so it doesn't look like others. I've noticed recently, actually that some of the features of UDW have been copied a little. So I would really appreciate it, that in future, when a new feature comes to this site, please don't copy it immediately and try and think of other things for your site. Because, I mean this when I say it, that all of you, really do have good sites and I don't think that you'd appreciate if all of your stuff was being used on other sites.

That Is all :)

Ultimate Doctor Who


New Award...Sort Of

A New Award....Not Really Though
Ultimate Doctor Who have won another sort of award. It was given to UDW by The Bad Wolf TV, we didn't win anything, but we still got something to put up on the sidebar! I think It's a congratulations sort of thing for entering. Anyway, Thanks Miss Gallifrey!

In other UDW News, I'd like to announce that our excusive series, Man of Gallifrey will have a Summer Special and A Second Series due to begin in or around September - November.


Freema Agyeman to Return?

The Sun are at it yet again.

According to The Sun newspaper, Freema Agyeman who plays Martha Jones will be returning to the show in one of the specials this year. Here is an extract from the article:

“Whatever happens it’s good news for Freema and shows that whatever friction there was between her and Who bosses has gone.”

You can read the full article here at the Sun official website.

But The Sun usually comes out with these kind of stories that half the time, don't come true so don't be surprised if she doesnt return at all.


Money, Money, Money!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The New Doctor Who money box is due to be released on June 30th 2009 with the price of 5.99 in the UK and about 8 euro in the Republic of Ireland.

It's very different from any other money box, when you put the coins or notes in it looks like they've disappeared! How Very Clever! Although its a very long wait as its released over 6 months from now, but I guess we can survive without it :)!

In other News:
The Tennant Tapes was released on the BBC Official Website recently.

The E-Space Trilogy was released today with the RRP Price of 34.99.


Quote of The Day

"Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the Fourth Dimension? Have you? To be exiles? Susan and I are cut off from our own planet - without friends or protection. But one day we shall get back. Yes, one day...."
The First Doctor in An Unearthly Child.


Monster of The Day

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Cybermen.


Man of Gallifrey - Book Cover

You may know that some other people are doing fanfics too. All of these people seem to be doing book covers as well, so I just thought - why not? I made this book cover for the UDW Series, Man of Gallifrey in which you can view Episode 1 here. You may notice that the cover also has a Dalek and the Trickster so I may as well reveal that, yes, they will be in the series at a later stage.


Man of Gallifrey News

Great News Everyone! The UDW series, Man of Gallifrey schedule has been changed to weekly rather than fortnightly. There are two reasons for this: First of All, I just thought it would be better to get a weekly serving rather than having to wait 2 weeks for the next episode. Second of all, Many many people are also doing fortnightly FanFics so I didn't want my episodes to come out at the same time as theirs, so please, whoever has a fanfic and wants to change their schedule to the same as mine. Please Don't! Thanks Very Much.


Planet of The Dead - Possible Delay

The forthcoming special for Doctor Who, Planet of The Dead, could possible be delayed. During filming there was a double-decker bus that was being shipped to Dubai for some filming. Although it was badly damaged and the BBC are finding it very hard to find a replacement. This means now that Russell T. Davies who is writing the episode will have to rewrite parts of the episode, which means that the much awaited special could be delayed to Late Spring rather then Easter.

This makes me sad because if it was at Easter Time it was probably going to be on my Birthday :( . Ah Well, Thats Life.

Quick Notice:
You may Have noticed recently that I said I would be taking time off Blogger, well that's been changed, although there will still probably not be that much updates as I will busy with School Stuff.


Monster of The Day

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hey Guys! Just to Let you Know, Quote of The Day is now over, as I was running out of quotes! So it has now been replaced by Monster of The Day. Enjoy!

The Daleks.


Press Release

Friday, January 23, 2009

Below is the Planet of The Dead press release that came off the Official BBCi Site.

The BBC has confirmed that Michelle Ryan and Lee Evans will guest star in the forthcoming Doctor Who Easter Special which began filming this week in Wales.

Michelle, best known for her roles as Zoe Slater in EastEnders, and Jaime Sommers in the recent remake of Bionic Woman, will play the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza in the special episode entitled Planet of the Dead. Christina joins the Doctor on a bus-trip which takes a very unexpected detour into danger.

"I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who and very excited to be joining David Tennant and the Doctor Who team," said Michelle. "It is such a fantastic show and I can't wait to get started!"

One of Britain's best loved and biggest comedy stars, Lee Evans, will also be joining the cast playing a character called Malcolm, whose life becomes connected to the Doctor's under extraordinary circumstances.

Planet of the Dead is the first of four Doctor Who Specials which will air in 2009. Michelle joins David Tennant as he continues his role as The Doctor, and Noma Dumezweni who returns as Captain Erisa Magambo - last seen helping Rose and Donna save the world in Turn Left.

"Michelle is one of the most sought after young actors in the country and we are delighted to announce that she will be joining the team," said Executive Producer and writer Russell T Davies. "As always the script is being kept strictly under wraps - however we can reveal that Lady Christina is a woman with a mysterious past who's going to have a huge impact on the Doctor!"

Planet of the Dead, written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts, is currently in production and will be screened on BBC One in Spring 2009.

Also, Just a Notice that this is The Last update until tomorrow afternoon or Sunday Morning.


New Award

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm proud to announce that UDW has won it's fourth award which was given to us from Alexander who owns Doctor Who Down Under. It's Best Banner award and I'd also like to take this time to congratulate the other prize-winners. Thanks Alex! Much appreciated!


Quote of The Day

The Ood.


Planet of The Dead - Filming Pictures

Here are some of the Latest pics from the upcoming special, Planet of The Dead, which began filming on Monday Night, the Special will air at around Easter but no official airdate has been announced. And as I said in an earlier post I really think you should check out Planet Gallifrey. It's always the first to get these pictures.


Malcom and Christina Revealed

This Has not yet been officially confirmed but apparently Lee Evans will play a character called Malcom in the upcoming special, Planet of The Dead. It was also revealed that ex-EastEnders star, Michelle Ryan will star as Lady Christina de Souza. Herself and the Doctor will take a bus trip that has a detour into danger... Although according to Combom (who I should really give credit to for this post) Lee Evans might not appear has he has used the name 'Malcom' before as he often used this dysfunctional character to illustrate how he viewed unusual people in the world. And as I said earlier credit to Combom for this post! :)


Man of Gallifrey - More Titles

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've Now released three more titles, for the upcoming UDW series, Man of Gallifrey. You can see them in the sidebar. The Series will begin this Saturday with it's premiere episode, Friends and Foes and it's yet to be decided whether It'll be weekly or fortnightly.


Quote of The Day



Quote of The Day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sarah Jane Smith


Two Awards!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Very Proud to announce that Ultimate Doctor Who has won two more awards, which are Best Blog of the New Year and Favourite Blog which was given to UDW by The Powerful Boy who owns, Whovian World. Thanks Again TPB much appreciated!


'Planet of The Dead' - Filming Begins

Today's The Day, filming has begun for the next Doctor Who episode, Planet of The Dead. Filming will take place in a museum tonight. Apparently there's a globe sort of thing being put up around the museum. Hmmmm...Globes are usually the shape of planets aren't they? Suspicious. Anyway credit to Planet Gallifrey for the info about the museum. And I suggest that you check out that site in future as it's great for finding out information and filming pictures for a new episode.


Man of Gallifrey - Titles Announced

I've released the Titles for some of the episodes for the upcoming UDW series Man of Gallifrey. I'm also planning on changing the schedule to weekly rather than fortnightly. You can see the titles around the middle of the sidebar.

In other news The Next Doctor was released today all around the UK with the RRP price £15.99 it was also released on Friday 16th January in the Republic of Ireland for €19.99 in most shops.


Quote of The Day

Rose Tyler in Doomsday.


Coming Soon

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm very happy to announce that Ultimate Doctor Who will be launching it's own 13 Part Series revolving around the Doctor and new, fictional companion Jessica Slater. The series is called Doctor Who: Man of Gallifrey and will begin with it's premiere episode Friends and Foes next week on a new page which will be up soon. It will be fortnightly and will begin Saturday January 24 2009 on this Website!


Quote of The Day

Susan Foreman.


Michelle Ryan Set to Be Next Companion

Former EastEnder's star, Michelle Ryan, is reportedly going to play The Eleventh Doctor's companion next year in Series 5. A source on the show said: "Michelle's been in secret talks with BBC bosses. She previously auditioned to become Billie Piper's replacemnet but tthat was given to Freema Agymen. You can read the full article here at the Mirror website. Remember this could be false and the BBC are yet to announce, officially who will be the next Companion.


New Look

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ultimate Doctor Who is still undergoing some changes to get the site to look better. Today, a brand new look arrived to the site. Instead of the usual Denim template I changed it around a bit, and now instead of having just a colour in the background it has the UDW logo (even though you can't see all of the pic, it still looks good, right?) All that's left to do is to change around the page links (I'm just not happy with them at the moment) and maybe 1 or 2 other things as well.


Quote of The Day

The Cybermen's Infamous Cathphrase.


The Next Doctor DVD Release on Monday

Just a reminder that the 2008 Christmas Special, The Next Doctor, will be released on the coming Monday. It has an RRP Price of £15.99. Although the British release date is on Monday, it came out yesterday in the Republic or Ireland for €20.00 . Which Means I Have It :P . It also features the Doctor Who at The Proms mini-episode, Music of The Spheres.


Quote of The Day

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fifth Doctor in 1982's, Kinda.


Another one of those days...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today was another one of those update-less days. Ah Well. Life Goes On... Anyway more updates tomorrow! :D


Quote of The Day

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Fourth Doctor in A lot of Classic Episodes.


Children of Earth Delay

The Torchwood Series 3 mini-series, Children Of Earth, has unfortunately been delayed until Summer 2009. This is due to BBC America planning to show it as the same time as BBC one in the UK. But Don't worry, we still have Doctor Who - Planet of The Dead to look forward to, and then The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 in Autumn. And this means we have something from the Whoniverse to take place in Summer!


The Doctor Who DVD Files

Tomorrow we see the release of the new DVD Files Magazine. Every issue in this fortnightly magazine a DVD comes free Featuring 2 episodes of Doctor Who. Issue 1 is priced £1.99 in the UK and about €3 or €4 in Ireland. From Issue 2 it will cost £6.99 and about €10 to €12 in Ireland. It will Have 28 Issues. Although it could leead to more Issues like Battles In Time did.


UDW's First Award

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hey Guys I'm proud to announce that Ultimate Doctor Who has received it's first award EVER. It's Best Newcomer and was given to me by Thedoctorwho07 who owns Doctor Who Fansite. Thank You Very Much 07!! I'd also like to take this time to congratulate the other winners and people who entered. 07 said with there are soooo many blogs to choose from with only 4 categories so obviously it was a hard choice. But Thanks again 07! Much Appreciated :) .


Quote of The Day

The Tenth Doctor in Quite a Lot of Episodes!


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