Review - Journal of Impossible Things

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Journal of Impossible Things is a very detailed approach to the actual one that featured in the Human Nature/Family of Blood 2 - parter. It features 78 pages, in which 21 of them are blank so you can write anything you like on it. It features the pages that you've seen in the episode, and I think it even features a bit more that were added in to make it longer. You can view some of the pictures put together below. It includes Pictures of The Cybermen, The Slitheen, Daleks, Rose, All Ten Doctors and many many more! The only thing, that did dissapoint me though, is that you simply can't read the writing! But it does make it look good and sort of old fashioned though. The Journal of Impossible Things set comes with a mini-sonic screwdriver which I did actually like, even though I have the normal one and the future one, but it's still good and much more compact, but that doesn't mean It's better than the normal ones! It has a blue LED light and it's a pen too, It's much more easier to write with this one, rather than the bigger one. I think this Journal of Impossible Things and Mini-Sonic Screwdriver set deserves an 8/10, and it's a great buy! You can buy it in Argos now at the price of £9.79 and other stores like Forbidden Planet.

Some of the Pictures included in the book.


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