Heroes of Time - Cover and Details

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Covers and Details for the Brand new exclusive to Ultimate Doctor Who and Heroes Updated e-book has been revealed. It's called Heroes of Time and features the Doctor trying to track down the evil Sylar (not me) before he kills even more people. He teams up with some of the Heroes until he finds out that Sylar is also trying to Track down the Doctor to get his hand on the Time-Lord's technology, which means they all have to go their Seperate Ways.

You can view the cover and Official Plot below. Thanks to Brad from The Gallifrey Vortex for making the cover.

Plot: The Doctor discovers that Peter Petrelli saw the TARDIS disappear out of nowhere, and leaves Peter curious. The Doctor tries to track down Sylar before he kills anymore peolple, but finds out that Sylar is also trying to Track down the Time Lord for his Technology. The Doctor teams up with Hiro Nakumura and Peter Petrelli to help stop the evil Murderer, and along the way, meets some other Heroes that need protecting from Sylar. Can The Doctor save the Day once again? and this Time with the Help of some other Heroes? All will be Revealed in 'Heroes of Time'!


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