UDW Episode Report #2 - The End of Time Part One - Includes Spoilers

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pure Epic.

It has been getting mixed reviews, but in my humble opinion, it was shockingly brilliant. But beware, if you have yet to watch this episode, look away now!

The Doctor arrives on the Ood Sphere and Ood Sigma tells him they have been having "bad dreams". The Elder of the Ood warns the return of a mysterious person/creature(?) and shows the Doctor visions of what they have been seeing, including the Master.

This leaves the Doctor in shock, and he rushes to the Tardis and tracks down Time Lord life, but when he arrives to the Master's destination, it is gone. Why? Because there were people who still believed they could bring "Harold Saxon" back to life. His wife, Lucy, is in a jail, and is summoned to a courtyard. It is revealed that the woman's hand we saw picking up a ring at the end of Last of The Timelords was one of these "followers" of the Master, she uses the ring to bring him back to life, even after being warned by Lucy the trouble he will cause.

Lucy attempts to kill him again, by somehow blowing up the jail *ahem*. But of course, everyone dies, except the Master. He has now been living in the wastelands of London, with a hunger. We learn that you definetly do not want to come accross him when he's "hungry".

Anyway, The Doctor finds the Master, but the Master weakens him and they have a conversation until they are interrupted by Joshua Naismith's army who capture The Master and leave the Doctor wounded. Naismith reveals that he has built a gate which can heal you and lead you to immorality, which is exactly what he wants for his daughter, Abigail. He confides in the Master for help.

Meanwhile, The Doctor has been reunited with Wilfred Mott. He questions who Wilf really is, stating that they always come across each other. After having a close encounter with Donna, The Doctor brings along Wilf to where the Master is, which is also where Naismith is, convenient!

They come across the Vinvocci. They explain that the immorality gate "mends" people, but not just one at a time, it mends the whole population. The Doctor rushes to the gate to find the Master's plan taking place in the gate.

This is where it all happens.

The Doctor suggests that it's mind control, but the Master reveals something even worse; they're not going to think like him, the whole world will become him. This part is really bizarre as we see the whole population of Earth turn into the Master with the exception of Wilf, The Doctor and Donna.

Donna frets and she begins to remember her travels with the Doctor which could kill her.

But as if that wasn't a big enough cliffhanger, it emerges that the Narrator was actually a Time Lord, and there are hundreds, even thousands of Time Lords surrounding him ..

Overall Rating: 9/10, I thought everyone becoming The Master was a bit silly!

This story concludes on Friday with Part Two.


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