UDW Episode Report #1 - The Waters of Mars - Includes Major Spoilers

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Right, I have decided to do a report after every episode of Doctor Who to show my thoughts and feelings on the show! :D MAJOR SPOILERS INCLUDED!

It starts off with the Doctor arriving on Mars for "fun". Meanwhile, the crew at Bowie Base One are doing their usual day-to-day job, not realising this is one of their most important days of their lives.

The Doctor encounters the base but is soon "arrested" by Gadget, the robot. As he is sent to the Base, Adelaide, the captain, questions him and she soon realises he is trustworthy. Meanwhile, Andy and Maggie, other members of the crew, are doing their job, until Andy becomes the first victim of The Flood and turns into a Water Zombie.

The crew soon discover what is going on, and it doesn't take long for other members, Maggie, Tarak and Steffi to be transformed into these monsters by the water. The Doctor reveals that this is meant to happen, and doesnt want to get involved this time it's all fixed. But when Adelaide, and survivng members, Yuri and Mia are struggling to survive, the Doctor can't help but resist and save them.

The Doctor, Adelaide, Yuri, Mia and Gadget arrive on Earth in the TARDIS. Mia frets and runs away, with Yuri chasing after her. Now this is definetly my favourite scene of the whole episode, The Doctor realises that this whole time he wasn't a survivor of the Time Lords, he is the Time Lord Victorious, and embraces on the fact that he now makes the rules. Adelaide attempts to give him a Reality Check, but fails.

To prevent the integrity of the Time Stream, Adelaide walks into her house and commits suicide. The Doctor is shocked and frightened by both his and her actions and realises he went "too far". Ood Sigma appears and is asked by the Doctor if this is his death, but there is no respond and he vanishes. The Doctor runs into the TARDIS, and the cloister bell chimes, meaning The end of the universe, or...

...The End of Time - Christmas 2009.

Overall Rating: 10/10 (One point less and I would have to prosecute myself.) :P


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